This page contains edition-agnostic Traveller info and links.




The Traveller Map (the awesomest map of charted space)

Interactive Atlas of the Imperium


Various links to useful stuff


Traveller Integrated Timeline (Collected history of the 3rd Imperium)

Traveller Sector Information (Sector listing and where to read more)

Sheets (Mad Irishman’s Character Sheets)

BITS Task System (when using adventures written for a specific edition with another edition)


Cool websites


Don McKinney’s Traveller page (lots of useful links)

Imperial Encyclopedia (aka The Traveller wiki)

Traveller Downport (Traveller website collection/hub)

The Zhodani Base (Traveller website by fellow Swede Berka)


Traveller Publishers


Far Future Enterprises (FFE – Home to CT, MT, TNE, T4, 2300AD & T5 by Marc Miller et al. Basically GDW 2nd ed.)

Mongoose Publishing (Mongoose Traveller & 2300AD)

BITS (British Isles Traveller Support. Mainly for T4 but also all other editions)


Social media/discussions


Citizens of the Imperium (Traveller forum)

Traveller (Google Plus community)


For Traveller DIY writers/publishers


Mongoose Traveller Developer’s Pack

Far Future Enterprises Fair Use Policy


Traveller Software


Heaven & Earth (Mapping & World development | Windows)

Hexographer (software for making your own maps)


Errata Collection

FFE’s Errata links