Inspiration | The Expanse

The Expanse by SyFy 


I just finished the 10th and last episode of SyFy’s TV-series The Expanse (available on Netflix where I live).

If you’re a fan of Hard SF and haven’t seen it yet, you’re in for a treat. It starts out a bit slow but it will drag you in soon enough and the show is one of the most Travelleresque shows/movies I’ve seen.

This show really, really has got me into running some SF game soon. As my RPG group isn’t all that much into SF, we’ve stayed in Fantasy and Horror land, but that will be remedied 🙂

Using some iteration of Traveller would of course be a classic but I feel like trying out River of Heaven from D101 Games for this one.

River of Heaven by John Ossoway/D101 Games


The reasons are multiple:

  • RoH uses a variant of OpenQuest’s d100 rules, which we are already familiar with
  • With RoH you get the core book and get it all – no collection of a bazillion extra supplements to be able to play
  • RoH supports various styles of SF – from the gritty “reasonably near future” style of The Expanse to more futuristic style gaming, or even cyberpunk style games
  • And last – RoH is 99% compatible with the other games in the d100/BRP family, meaning that I can import NPCs, gear, monsters etc. from many different settings and genres
  • And did I mention that my all time favourite game system is d100/BRP?

Back in 2014 I supported the KS for this game and I have the PDF, but it has been lying around on my hard drive after the first cursory read-through.

I have now ordered the hardcover from DTRPG and will start drawing up some ideas for a campaign.

And I’ll try to do a proper review of the game after closer reading of the book.



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