ALIEN – new rpg coming 2019

Art from Alien RPG from Free League

When it comes to SciFi, I always preferred the dark and ominous Alien and Blade Runner universes over more Space Opera like offerings like Star Wars or Star Trek. And back in the day, I felt that 2300 AD was the only available SciFi RPG that could model what I wanted from an SF rpg, and I spent a lot of time brooding over how to incorporate elements from both those movies into 2300 AD.

Then, back in the mid-nineties, when I had gotten my first ever private internet connection*, one of the first things I searched for was naturally RPGs, and that’s when I found the Alien Fuzion rpg – a fan-made Alien hack based on the Fuzion free multigenre ruleset from R. Talsorian and Hero Games (I still have a binder full of those materials somewhere and the web site is still online). There was also the ALIENS rpg from Leading Edge Games, which I didn’t particularly like since it was very much more like a combat mission simulator rather than a proper rpg. However, I spent hours reading and preparing adventures in Colonial Space in those days. Sadly, this was in the waning days of role-playing and we never got to play either of those games…


Fast forward 25 years and there’s a new Alien rpg coming, designed by Swedish (yay!) rpg publisher Fria Ligan (Free League) and based on the publisher’s much liked d6 engine, also found in games like Mutant: Year Zero, Tales of the Loop and Coriolis.

I’ve been meaning to write about Coriolis for a while now, as I think that it’s one of the best realized hard sf RPGs out there – for many reasons. But that has to be a separate blog post.

Anyway, when I heard about the Alien rpg from Fria Ligan, I immediately decided to take the leap and preordered the game. I mean, the iconic Alien universe combined with the Coriolis game engine promises to be a pretty cool combination. And the fact that the products from Fria Ligan always look beautiful doesn’t make you sad either.


I’m very excited about this, being an avid fan of the Alien universe, and I have already warned my players about the dangers of space…;)

It has been 25 years in the making but soon I’m going to throw my trusty player group into the depths of space against the xenomorphs…

“In space, no one will hear you scream…”

* = Private phone-line internet modems became economically feasible in 1994 in Sweden and I got one immediately.

One thought on “ALIEN – new rpg coming 2019

  1. while I can see the appeal of the Alien universe I don’t know if I would want to play there, those critters are nasty.


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